Lavarini: “Gabi was superb”


Minas Tenis Clube coach Stefano Lavarini commended Gabriela Guimaraes' performance in their match against Zhejiang Women's Volleyball Club

Shaoxing, China, December 5, 2018 – Minas Tenis Clube benefitted from a superb game from Gabriela Guimaraes who scored 28 points to overcome Zhejiang Women’s Volleyball Club in the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship.

Minas Tenis Clube coach Stefano Lavarini
: “I am much more satisfied with the performance of my team than yesterday. My team entered the court with a different attitude, which showed our kind of volleyball. In spite of making a lot of mistakes in the second set, they still showed great attitude on the court. Gabi was superb today!”

Minas Tenis Clube captain Carol Gattaz
: “We played very well. We made a lot of mistakes in the second set, which was not very common. After that set, we found our rhythm and won.

“We know VakifBank is a very good team, we are going to prepare to fight the best way we can.”

Zhejiang Women's Volleyball Club coach Wang Hebin: “We tried our best in this match even though we know that Minas is a strong team. I tried to see the best combination of players because we have new members in the team. This is also to prepare us for the next match."

Zhejiang Women's Volleyball Club captain Wang Na
: “We practiced on our cohesiveness this morning but we still have problems with our consistency. We have new team members who are not yet familiar with our system, so we need to start with the basics."

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